Kensington Yachts | Branding & website design

Kensington Yachts is a sister company of North American private guided travel giant Kensington Tours. Cohort delivered brand positioning and creative production for Kensington Yachts in collaboration with Relevance (Monaco), SEO and digital marketing strategy gurus.

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Defining the creative brief

Working on the creative brief with the senior leaders at Kensington Yachts was a fundamental first step of this branding and UI/UX design project. Our brief was to define and elevate Kensington Yachts’ private yacht travel service and differentiate the company’s offer.

We began with the value proposition: Onboard & Beyond… Kensington Yachts curates luxury yacht charters that transcend life on the water and encompass unforgettable, one-of-a-kind bespoke experiences for discerning clients looking for a more enriching yacht charter journey.

UI/UX design to search for private yacht charter experiences

Kensinton Yachts’ unique proposition is prescriptive for the functionalities of the website. Users are able to use a custom-designed and integrated search which allows them to search and filter luxury charter yachts, unique yacht charter itineraries and bespoke experiences by destination. This functionality provides digital marketing teams with powerful and engaging landing pages based on destination and allows users plenty of opportunity to scroll and engage in unique ways with options related to their selected cruising ground. User tracking and analysis will tell Kensington Yachts about their website visitors – where they want to go, whether they are interested in a particular yacht or exploring itineraries. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences that can’t be found elsewhere await yacht travellers who want to see the world differently and discover more… by yacht.

Our branding work runs deeper than visual creation, which of course must be nothing short of perfection. Cohort’s results evoke vivid emotions through engaging story telling.

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“Launching our yachts division was the best experience that we have had… seamless and on time, we are very happy with the final product.

You really understand the market and the clientele. You listened to the stories and brought everybody together.”

Edita Sgovio, VP, Yachts and Villas