The Vault | Gymnasium

The Vault is a new state-of-the-art gym in the south-west of England. Built within the old vault of a stately home it is a pivotal feature of Winslade Park’s lifestyle community.

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Defining the brand

The Vault is a new fitness and training concept. Built within the walls of the original vault beneath Winslade Manor, a stately home and lifestyle community in the south-west of England, The Vault’s owners wanted to clearly define their vision and ensure that The Vault’s new brand makes a big impact.

To begin the branding journey, our creative team held an extensive brand workshop with The Vault’s directors to define the USPs, vision, manifesto and goals of this new fitness facility.

Whilst The Vault’s powerful energy resonates with professional athletes and seasoned fitness enthusiasts, inclusivity is at the core of the company’s ethos, inviting all ages and abilities to unlock their potential as every body matters.

Designing a logo and creating an electric visual identity

The Vault logo takes inspiration from an electric pulse – the V is the centrepiece of the strong rectangular logo ‘brick’ which can be used for back-lit signage as a stand-alone treatment.

The colour palette features a grainy dark grey as the urban backdrop for electric blue accents. These colours were chosen to translate from the pages of the brand guidelines, into the interiors of the gym facility, to create an edgy, contemporary designed space with modern training techniques and high-end equipment. The blue will be used in electric lighting to carry the brand throughout the premises.

Electric blue accents are a striking feature of The Vault’s powerful on and off-line brand.

Ready to roll out the brand

Clearly defining the brand in written guidelines at this early stage in the business serves as a pivotal document for senior team, recruiters, interior designers and architects to follow. The brand guidelines include digital and print colour palettes and typographical styles. Behaviours of digital elements have been defined to ensure the the UI/UX designers have solid brand rules for website and digital design.

Photography and video is, as always, one of the most significant style-defining elements for amplifying the brand. The Vault uses strong, abstract photography to evoke an edgy feel. Black and white photography with high contrast picks up the highlights of the gym equipment and its users. The brand guidelines will serve as a guide for photographers and videographers once the gym is ready to be shot.

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“Exceptional service from Cohort, from start to finish. The creative team really helped us work through our initial ideas, and turn them into something tangible and real. Our brand.

When we started, I wasn’t really sure exactly what our startup needed, but with Cohort’s help I have exactly what we wanted to enable us to move forward. I couldn’t recommend Cohort’s creative services highly enough and we will definitely be working with them again on future projects.

Five stars!”

Natalie Grainger, Founder