Autumn Gem | Branding a new flowering bulb

Autumn Gem is a completely new bulb on the UK market which flowers in winter. Daffodils are traditionally a symbol of the sunny light of spring, yet the growers of Autumn Gem are introducing this positive yellow vibe to winter gardens all over the UK in 2025.

A rare and unique tazetta bulb that flowers in autumn

Soft launching a new brand of bulbs

We have just launched Autumn Gem’s winter flowering daffodil online with a temporary single page website to generate leads whilst the main website becomes ready. Social media channels will generate awareness and drive traffic to the website for users to register their interest.

Generating engagement

Social media campaigns will be well-placed on platforms frequented by garden enthusiasts. Analysing the demographics of gardeners has taught us that Facebook will be a key platform for grabbing the attention of horticulturalists and garden enthusiasts. Instagram posts will mirror the Facebook campaign with Linkedin posts to engage with professionals to tell the story about the development and producers behind this new phenomena: a daffodil that flowers in the winter.

Designing a brand for a bulb

Autumn Gem has a rather beautiful story and a very unique look, our design team have captured the essence of the flower with a creative single-line drawing and colours traditionally associated with spring.

Nature and and an organic feel are paramount for this brand, only environmentally-friendly packaging will be used, which is currently with out designers. We have used hand-drawn illustrations and accents for the brand to further support the organic nature of this wonderful garden product.

The full launch

Cohort’s team are preparing an e-Commerce website to sell the bulbs directly to consumers, daffodil enthusiasts will have to wait a few more months for that to be ready. For now, please register your interest on Autumn Gem’s website.