Billy Adams new logo and kit for 2024

Billy Adams, a professional boxer and former member of GB podium squad, has a new look for 2024.

Professional boxer logo design

Billy Adams asked Cohort to create a new logo for his personal brand. Billy wanted a classically illustrated rose, an emblem that has deep personal meaning for him, featuring his initials in the centre.

Cohort’s graphic design team created a selection of visual styles for Billy to choose from and the final logo will be featured on his shorts and ring jacket.

Boxer shorts and ring jacket design

Boxers wear ring jackets as they make their way to the ring as a way to showcase their personal style and sponsors. Billy Adams also asked Cohort to create a new fighting look for him, with a strong, recognisable visual identity. Cohort worked on a new branded design for his boxing shorts and ring jacket.

The newly designed shorts and ring jacket feature red fur trim and and opulent red sparkle text, which contrasts the wet black material of the clothing. Both the jacket and shorts feature Billy’s rose logo and “BOOM BOOM” phrase alongside his sponsors’ logos.

We wish Billy all the best in the new year and look forward to seeing him out in the ring!

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