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Until March 2024, we are offering 60 minute marketing power meetings. Come prepared with your wish list for 2024 and we’ll begin the marketing strategy journey with some sound advice and brilliant ideas.

Q1 is a great time to take stock of what has been achieved and what needs to be achieved this year. Defining goals and budget for the year are a fundamental first step.

What will be achieved in one hour?

Firstly, we will get to know you. Communication and chemistry are an essential part of our creative marketing work. We need to understand the business, its decision makers and their representatives and marketing history. We will discuss your business challenges, goals and budget for the year.

Cohort will put a top-line calendar and strategy for campaign production for the year with an outline of budget required for each deliverable. Armed with this knowledge, businesses can then decide on priorities before committing to creative production, marketing and advertising for the year ahead.

How to decide your business goals

Senior leadership teams will normally agree business goals for each year. Are you launching a new service? Is client acquisition the business’s priority? Perhaps establishing a new brand with awareness, generating leads for the sales team or hosting an event. What are the business’s current challenges? Is recruitment or staff retention a business challenge?

It is helpful for Cohort to begin the conversation with clearly defined business goals for the year. Alongside a 6-12 month marketing budget, we will be in a great place to start work on a top-line marketing strategy.

Planning marketing budgets

We ask clients to be prepared with a realistic and genuine marketing budget for the year.

Marketing over-spend must be avoided and businesses must hold back budget for operational requirements. Our marketing team needs to know what the business can afford in order to achieve its goals for the year, and we work back from that to maximise the return on investment and prioritise marketing activities to effectively achieve business goals.

How to arrange a meeting

Please get in touch with our team to arrange an appointment on a video call, or at our studio in Battersea Power Station.

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“It has been a pleasure working with you. I must say that your ability to seamlessly adapt to my comments and feedback was much appreciated! I appreciate the cooperative spirit you brought to the table, which made it an enjoyable and productive experience to work together :)”

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