We’re powering up at The Engine Room in Battersea Power Station. Our graphic designers are based in our studio and we are welcoming visitors. It’s a very cool space and we’re in great company. The ideal space for events and workshops.

Until March 2024, we are offering 60 minute marketing power meetings. Come prepared with your wish list for 2024 and we’ll begin the marketing strategy journey with some sound advice and brilliant ideas.

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It’s the first time in history that super brands have opened stores south of the river, Cohort are in good company at Battersea Power Station.

Our studio

Our luxury brand specialists work from our studio and HQ in Battersea Power Station, where our graphic designers and Creative Director are based. We welcome visitors but also work with global clients via video calls.

Meetings & workshops

We have ample space to host clients and workshops in comfortable break-out areas sound-proof meeting room. The coffee and cakes are rather good also.

If you would like to discuss your branding and marketing strategy and goals, please contact us to make an appointment.

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“I’ve always been an early-adpoter and rented the office space off-plan, when the building was just a concrete shell. It’s exciting to finally be in-situ, Macs whirring.”

Frances Martin-Isaacs, Creative Director